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Intervention Referral Services Committee (I-Team)
I-Team Basics


Who are we?
The "I-Team", otherwise known as the Intervention Referral Services Committee is a support service to help teachers help their students. The team is comprised of fellow teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, and members of the Child Study Team. The following people make up this year's "I-Team":

Administrators:  Cheri Caravano

Guidance Counselors:  Sarah Airo and Eric Diaz

Child Study Team Members:  Shannon Gallagher and Christine Shanahan

Teachers:  Diane Brady, Ryan Kent, Melissa Lock, Lauren Tomaszewsk and Jessica Trasatti. 

Grade Representatives: Melissa Lock (8th) and Lauralee Richardson (7th)

What do we do?
The primary goal of the "I-Team" is to offer assistance and advice to teachers dealing with at-risk students. The students are usually referred by teachers, but can also be brought up for discussion by members of the team or by parent request. They can have a variety of needs, including academic difficulties, social struggle, or emotional issues. Basically, if you feel as if a student needs more than you can reasonably offer, the "I-Team" is there to help.

How do we do it?

First, we need to know that you need help! If you have a student that you feel would benefit from the "I-Team,” just let us know! Contact any member of the team and they will get the ball rolling! You will have to complete an initial referral form. Then, the team does the rest. We will discuss the student at our next meeting. Here is a breakdown of the process:

1. Prior to the meeting, the grade representatives (Lauralee Richardson for 7th & Melissa Lock for 8th) will gather pertinent information from the staff on the referred student and and begin a Cumulative Folder on the student. Information will be added to the folder from the administration, the teachers, and the Guidance Department.

2. At the I-Team meeting, the team will discuss the student, identifying key problems and formulating interventions for the referring teachers. Hopefully, the "I-Team" will return to the referring teachers with information and ideas that will help them effectively educate the student.

3. The "I-Team" will periodically follow up on the student's progress to see if the intervention plan has been successful or if more significant steps need to be taken to help the student.

 Overall, the "I-Team" wants to offer teachers information and strategies that they would not be able to access on their own. Hopefully, employing all of the school's resources can help turn struggling students into successful Students.

When do we do it?
The I-Team generally meets once a month.